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PapGene's sensitive technologies are based on tests Kinde helped develop as a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University, where he studied with cancer researcher Bert Vogelstein.
You can say that the Kinde Plaza is a park within a much bigger park, which is the Diplomatic Quarter," said a Filipino working at a European embassy.
First California Bank is under a probe by regulators who are enquiring how the bank handled numerous accounts handled by Kinde Durkee, a treasurer for prominent politicians.
Die Unmoglichkeit, mit den Augen eines Kindes oder Jugendlichen zu sehen, notigt uns dazu, uns dem Befremdlichen auszuliefern.
All pietie and vertous life he doth it cleane refuse; Lechery and drunkennes he doth it much frequent; The tigers kinde to imitate he hath given full consent; He nought esteems his Counsel grave ne vertuous bringing-up, But dayly stil receives the drink of damned Vices cup.
Gerard also reported that in the Rhine River region, the root of polypody was considered a remedy for arthritis: "In this kinde of disease the hands, the feet, and the joints of the knees and elbowes do swell.
Morales CA, Porwollik S, Frye JG, Kinde H, McClelland M, Guard-Bouldin J.
In the face of, for example, a Wal-Mart coming into their town, small businesses have adapted by shifting to a product line or service that is complementary to products found at Wal-Mart," says Kinde Nebeker of Salt Lake City's Vest Pocket Business Coalition, a group of small businesses that have banded together for support.
The regional sales vice presidents are: Ron Balzer, Canada; David Jones, Northeast region; Doug Kinde, North Central region; Boyd Lauritsen, Western region; Al Matthews, South Central region; and Chip Stewart, Southeast region.
Okuyucu surekli heyecanlanarak nasil bir ortamda, cagdas ve toplum kinde yasadigini bir sinama seridi gibi kendi dagarciginda canlandiracak, kendi cevresinde gecmiste ve gunumuzde yasanan olaylari yeniden yasayacaktir.
Whatsoever person or persons come to any mans house of qualitie, hee hath a custome to offer him in a fine basket of Porcelane, or as many as the persons are, with a kinde of drink which they called Cha, which is somewhat bitter, red and medicinall, which they are wont to make of a certain concoction of herbes somewhat bitter: with this they welcome commonly all manner of persons that they doe respect, be they strangers or be they not; to me they offered it many times.
die Hoffnung wachst mit jedem Menschen auf; aber Keiner denkt daran, dass er mit jedem Bissen seinem Kinde zugleich ein Stuck des eigenen Lebens hingibt, das von demselben bald nicht mehr zu losen ist.