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Kinde was recognized as a refugee in 2013 and has lived under "international protection" in Luxembourg since then.
Bettegowda C, Sausen M, Leary RJ, Kinde I, Wang Y, Agrawal N, et al.
Kinde is chief scientific officer at PapGene, a small biotechnology startup in Baltimore founded in 2014.
Kinde Plaza looks like a park because of ornamental plants in the area.
43) Robert Chamberlain, Conceits, clinches, flashes, and whimzies Newly studied, with some collections, but those never published before in this kinde (London, 1639), E4.
First California Bank is under a probe by regulators who are enquiring how the bank handled numerous accounts handled by Kinde Durkee, a treasurer for prominent politicians.
Democrats received a further setback when their accountant in California, Kinde Durkee was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on charges of siphoning huge amounts of money from the campaign of Orange County Assembly member Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Telegraph reports.
dann sage ich: ,Weil es kalt wird' und vergesse, dass ich dem Kinde damit eine vollig unbegreifliche Antwort zuwerfe.
Thenberg Fonder will be bought from Thenberg & Kinde Fondkommission for an undisclosed price.
To catch vs and all our kinde, though we crepe vnder benches and he sais that if the rats had their will they could not rule themselfs and bat the mees did destroie manni mens mault he wishes them not to mischeef be cat.
ider sothlike vpstegh on heght 5498 Kinde, kinde ofe lauerd right (The Surtees Psalter)