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PCWorld adds on to Limp's statement on Kindle by stating that when Amazon manufactured the Kindle e-reader, the company was making the e-reader market.
Adrianne Palmer was the lucky winner of the Kindle e-Reader, generously donated by Decade Software Company, LLC.
The Kindle Fire HD announcements came after Bezos unveiled a new Kindle e-reader with so-called 'paperwhite' display.
London, Sept 7 ( ANI ): Amazon has launched a new Kindle e-reader and two new Fire tablets, as the firm steps up competition with Apple's iPad.
Amazon has dominated the market for e-book since it launched the Kindle e-reader in 2007.
Festivities included refreshments, give-away items and multiple drawings for a chance to win prizes such as gift certificates to local restaurants and businesses, a Kindle e-Reader, a Samsung BluRay DVD player, a Nikon Coolpix camera, a Keurig coffee maker and a Barnes & Noble NOOK.
The commercial success of the Amazon Kindle e-reader and the lesser yet still quite substantial uptake of e-book readers such as the iRex iLIad or the SONY PRS family have sparked up a large interest in e-paper display technologies.
The 13-year-old Blackstone boy received exactly what he wanted for Christmas, a brand-new Kindle e-Reader from his grandparents.
Amazon also introduced the Kindle Touch, an e-reader with no buttons and a touch screen starting at $99 and it cut the price of its basic Kindle e-reader to $79 from $99.
The Fire was one of four new products Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos unveiled last week, including refreshes on the company's popular Kindle e-reader that come in a variety of new configurations, including one that includes a touch-screen interface and another that lowers the price-point for an e-reader down to $80 for an ad-supported model.
Prior to unveiling the tablet, Bezos presented the latest additions to the Kindle e-reader family.
Amazon already makes a variety of best-selling Kindle e-reader devices, with the Kindle with Special Offers model starting at $114.