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Was his reinstatement a reward for recruiting kinsmen of the president into the NHIS?
This technology enables Kinsmen Group's document control specialists to provide even faster, more precise data quality checks across fragmented systems, allowing Kinsmen Group to provide customers with an enhanced level of service.
In The Two Noble Kinsmen, Shakespeare adopts the names Palamon and Arcite for his own protagonists and borrows Chaucer's setting too.
Kinsmen exemplifies him as a contemporary and a fan of modern Carnatic master Kadri Gopalnath, and the resulting synergy speaks to the obvious similarities and subtle complexities of both styles.
Husbands who were sojourners left young wives at home, who were vulnerable to sexual overtures from their husbands' kinsmen, or from poor men who lacked the means to marry.
Suffering from exhaustion, ill health, and the loss of 161 kinsmen from among the 630 clan members forced to accept a military eviction from Alabama, the Tulsa-Lochapoka Creeks deposited ashes carried from their final homeland fires and redistributed them around the Council Oak, thus establishing a new town in an alien territory.
PERHAPS GEORGE BALANCHINE was correct; perhaps, there are no mothers-in-law in ballet, but there certainly are plenty of wicked stepsisters, repressive fathers, muddled mothers, noxious necromancers, and kinky kinsmen.
The latest bruised beauty for the Yugoslavia-born director is The Two Noble Kinsmen, a Jacobean collaboration by William Shakespeare and John Fletcher that comes around as often as doublets are in fashion.
For these reasons as well as economic motives, legitimi, their mothers, and their kinsmen normally opposed the inheritance claims of illegitimates.
And last week the Kinsmen Place Lodge in Vancouver reported 143 cases of a similar illness.
This young man would be a stranger to the family and kinsmen and women of the man who died.