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KISSING. Kissing the bible is a ceremony used in taking the corporal oath, the object being, as the canonists say, to denote the assent of the witness to the oath in the form it is imposed. The witness kisses either the whole bible, or some portion of it; or a cross in some countries. See the ceremony explained in Oughton's Ord. Tit. Constit. on Courts, part 3, sect. 1, Sec. 3 Junkin on the Oath, 173, 180; 2 Evan's Pothier, 234.

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Your wife's inability to enjoy kissing could be as a result of a strict religious or moral up bringing where kissing and s3x have been strongly attached to sin.
Experts built on work from Western countries to investigate kissing behaviours in a non-Western context, including a bias for turning the head to one side.
A similar study found kissing helps us size up potential partners, and once in a relationship, it could be a way of getting a partner to stay with you.
Two police officers were said to have spotted the 35-year-old Egyptian salesman and the 34-year-old Georgian woman kissing for three to five minutes in the man's car while they were under the influence of alcohol in February.
Kissing is connected to self-confidence as it has been revealed that guys who think they are good-looking kiss more and even men who have dated several women are known to like kissing more, the Huffington Post reported.
With signs pointing to stubble as the culprit in the decline of kissing, P&G Powerhouse brand Gillette is asking America to weigh in by launching what it calls a "nationwide Kiss & Tell live experiment.
She praises President Benjamin Harrison after he "quickly refrained" from kissing a tot offered to him.
Experts say kissing evolved from sniffing, which people did centuries ago as a way of learning about each other.
Kissing can be one of the most intimate, sensual, and just plain fun things you can do with another person.
IF YOU watched Ishqiya lately, then chances are you wouldn't have missed noticing the raw, hungry seeming kissing sequence between Vidya Balan and Arshad Warsi.
That was many years ago, and I've learned a great deal about kissing since that fateful spring night.