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KISSING. Kissing the bible is a ceremony used in taking the corporal oath, the object being, as the canonists say, to denote the assent of the witness to the oath in the form it is imposed. The witness kisses either the whole bible, or some portion of it; or a cross in some countries. See the ceremony explained in Oughton's Ord. Tit. Constit. on Courts, part 3, sect. 1, Sec. 3 Junkin on the Oath, 173, 180; 2 Evan's Pothier, 234.

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And you've been kissing her, and meaning nothing, have you?
Now, in my day the women did no work--they were just for kissing and loving.
said Anna; and kissing him, never taking her eyes off Dolly, she stood still and flushed a little.
No," Dolly was beginning, but Anna cut her short, kissing her hand once more.
Pickwick, after kissing the old lady as before mentioned, was standing under the mistletoe, looking with a very pleased countenance on all that was passing around him, when the young lady with the black eyes, after a little whispering with the other young ladies, made a sudden dart forward, and, putting her arm round Mr.
SAN FRANCISCO, July 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- In honor of International Kissing Day on Monday, July 6[sup.
Dubai: A woman manager and a salesman landed in court for kissing in a car after they met in a pub.
Kissing gets more enjoyable as you grow older and become more confident doing it.
Washington, October 30 ( ANI ): Kissing is very important in a relationship as it helps the bond grow stronger and also make you reevaluate your relationship.
The kiss with Anushka could be Aamir's longest kissing scene ever if reports are to be believed.
With signs pointing to stubble as the culprit in the decline of kissing, P&G Powerhouse brand Gillette is asking America to weigh in by launching what it calls a "nationwide Kiss & Tell live experiment.