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Mary, who has lived on the island since 1997, was interviewed by presenter Bill Turnbull several weeks ago, and showed him her signature freehand knotwork technique which she has developed over the last 14 years.
Hand - handling lines, including knotwork (knots, splices, seizings) and linehandling (heaving, belaying, mooring, making up and stowing lines, boat lowering, raising and dropping anchor).
He said: "I would love to see a great deal of new-build projects being dec-oratewith traditional patterns calling on our history and culture, Celtic knotwork, Owain Glyndwr, scenes from the Mabinogion, and an architecture that is very different from its English neighbours.
Oh, and the beloved symbols of our believed "celticness" - yes, for so called "celtic" knotwork was introduced by those invading Celts from Germanic central Europe.