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This architecture also introduced a L1 cache associated with each streaming multiprocessor that offers the possibility to be managed by the programmer or automatically, by the hardware.
The TSVM is divided into two structures: the TSVM cache (TC), which works as a L1 cache for synchronization variables, and a conventional memory.
In TPCM, we constrain the procedure addresses modulo the L1 cache size.
First, the additional interthread conflict misses in the direct-mapped L1 cache are almost entirely covered by the 4-way set associative L2 cache, as shown in Figure 8.
It has 16-K instruction and 16-K data L1 caches and 512K of L2 cache running at half the processor speed.
That way, when one stream makes a request for data and it is not in L1 cache (and therefore has to be fetched from L2 cache, main memory or, worse yet, disks), the other stream goes on processing even though the first stream has stalled.
It is a Pentium-class CPU with an x86-native instruction set and 32 KB of integrated L1 cache that efficiently runs Windows CE, WindowsXP embedded, Linux and other x86-compatible operating systems.
Featuring 32 kB of no-wait-state L1 cache and 2 MB of 166 MHz L2 cache, the V194 provides up to 2 GB of 133 MHz SDRAM main memory and 64 Mbytes of application flash.