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258) Those chemical agents exhibiting lower LD50 values are more acutely toxic than those with higher LD50 values.
These levels were high and more significant in rats that were treated with the 1/8 LD50 dose level.
Each new chemical needs rigorous LD50 testing, which requires at least 50% of creatures to die and they can include mice and rats.
The mature epsilon toxin is highly toxic with an LD50 in mice of <100 ng when administered intravenously (Payne et al.
In this study the LD50 value of lyophilisate in mice was 3.
Prognostic value of blood lactate, base deficit, and oxygen-derived variables in an LD50 model of penetrating trauma.
They also differ from one report that deltamethrin and S-bioallethrin, at doses that exceeded the LD50 (dose lethal to 50%) value, did not produce effect-additive or antagonistic changes in blood pressure, electromyograms, or hippo-campal electrophysiological responses (Ray et al.
The alcohol concentrations were chosen based on LD50 studies carried out before the commencement of the experiment.
ip, intraperitoneal; LD50, 50% lethal dose; ND, not determined.
However, soranjidiol and soranjidiol 1-methyl ether were more photodynamically active for to reach LD50, 37 [micro]M and 29.