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Labor Department when reviewing city pay classification plans.
But the Louisville Courier-Journal has done the Labor Department one better.
If you don't have one of the red, white, and blue OSHA posters, contact your state Labor Department for the address of the OSHA regional office nearest you.
The Senate has not yet passed its version of the Labor Department appropriation; final language will be worked out in a conference committee between the two houses.
The Labor Department and its critics are miles apart on estimates of how many workers will gain or lose eligibility under the new rules for premium pay for working more than 40 hours in a week.
The Labor Department and the RDA are expected to make a decision on the loan package by the first half of April.
In addition to finding wage violations, the investigators determined that the company had failed to keep complete records of hours worked by its employees, according to a Labor Department spokesman.
According to the agency, people posing as Labor Department representatives are soliciting businesses indicating the need to purchase up-to-date labor law posters at the risk of being fined for noncompliance.
Vought Aircraft Industries has changed, after the agreement, its screening procedures and stopped using a test that the Labor Department said resulted in relatively few minority and female hires.
Labor Department is seeking to amend regulations regarding the temporary employment certification of nonimmigrant workers in seasonal agricultural employment.
To find out more about specific Recovery Act programs that have been funded by the Labor Department, visit: http://www.
FAISALABAD -- The Labor Department has fined 900 kiln owners in Faisalabad district during current month on the charge of paying low wages to the brick kiln workers.