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The sisters taught the art and skill of lace-making to the women in their care so they could provide for themselves.
And thus Birmingham's little lace-making venture was put to Bedford, as it were.
Groups seem to gather to tackle mundane tasks, as well as more intricate skills such as lace-making.
At one time, there were more than 40,000 people employed in lace-making in Calais but, with massive competition from the Far East, business has inevitably dwindled.
Fan makers now have a range of lace-making techniques and a profile of over seventy fans, with 20 patterns for making them, in Ann Coller's Lace Fans (0713-489316 $21.
We tied up on the island of Burano where residents have honed their expertise in lace-making and fishing through the centuries.
Colyton in the first century of this study was a wheat and wool economy, the next century was dominated by pastoral farming and intensive rural industrialization, and the final century was characterized by the deindustrialization of its lace-making industry and the emergence of a new emphasis on dairy farming alongside a revitalization of its grain-growing sector.
We took in the world-famous Harry's Bar and Burano Island for lace-making.
The delicate mesh of circles, loops a d swirls recalls Finnish lace-making, a craft traditionally practised by women and the radiating light evokes inland's long, blissful summer nights.
The Republic of Ireland has designated it an Irish Heritage Center, putting Wayne's museum on a par with sites telling the story of the Irish Republican movement, emigration to the New World, whiskey distilling and lace-making.
Corfu : Top off a day of local lace-making and private estate wine tasting with hands-on Greek cooking lessons, including baking bread in a traditional olive wood-fire outdoor stove.
These included a wedding fair, demonstrations of lace-making and charity stalls in the Council House.