lack of motivation

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This chemical change has been associated with lack of motivation and enjoyment in life, leading to mental health issues.
Older adults probably did favor good-enough decisions, but because they experienced more positive feelings than the younger group, not because of a lack of motivation, in her view.
In a day and age characterized by a lack of motivation and looking to others to do things for you, the "Iron Heart" story [January] stands out as a shining example of what goals and family support can do for someone.
He attributed the drop to the lack of motivation on the part of female voters in addition to their lack of belief in the political process, due to the recent unresolved differences between the legislative and executive branches of politics in the country.
Regular exercise can help keep blood sugar levels low but busy lifestyles and lack of motivation mean 66% of the population is not getting the recommended five 30-minute sessions of moderate exercise a week.
LACK of motivation from senior managers could be one of the causes of the UK's long hours culture, a new report claimed yesterday.
Confidence is rising in the Juve camp after a seven-match unbeaten run and there should be no lack of motivation as the Turin club go in search of a win which would take them to within three points of fourth-placed Udinese with two matches left to play.
Summary: The Emirati males are more likely to drop out of their higher education due to work, less engagement at the university life as well as lack of motivation, said Dr James Mackin, provost of the Abu Dhabi University (ADU).
The most successful adult Olympians were found to have parents that supplied a "Conducive Home Atmosphere" when they were growing up and were not hampered by a lack of motivation.
This book provides clear definitions and explanations of perfectionism and the stress and anxiety perfectionistic behaviors can bring, including low self-esteem, depression, pessimism, obsessive and compulsive behavior, lack of motivation, and excessive guilt.
Symptoms can include sadness and tearfulness that last longer than the normal baby blues, poor concentration, feelings of inadequacy, disturbed sleep, lack of motivation, difficulty bonding with the baby and lack of interest in things you used to enjoy.
Rothlin (project manager and business strategy consultant) and Werder (communications and public relations business consultant) estimate that roughly 15 percent of office employees suffer from chronic boredom and a lack of motivation.