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The number of lacunar infarction on MRI in patients with CADASIL is more important predictor of cognitive impairment [24].
Kohta K, Hikiami H, Shimada Y, Matsuda H, Hamazaki T, Terasawa K (1993) Effects of Keishi-bukuryo-gan on erythrocyte aggregability in patients with multiple old lacunar infarction.
11,19]) Lacunar infarction or TIA should be treated with aspirin and control of underlying risk factors for vascular disease.
There was moderate hydrocephalus with old lacunar infarction in the right peri-ventricular region.
Cognitive status has been investigated in patients with lacunar infarctions.
Risk factors and clinical manifestations of pathologically verified lacunar infarctions.
Repeated brain MRA 24 h later showed acute lacunar infarction of right basal ganglia.
Hyland & Froman (1) reported that as hypertension and diabetes mellitus greatly increase the risk of stroke, lacunar infarction in the contralateral basal ganglion might be the cause of movement disorder in patients with nonketotic hyperglycemia.
Overall, lacunar infarction was more common and 30% patients were randomized within 28 days of index event.
We also conclude that in cortical infarction the bigger the damage the lesser the compensatory ability [15], while in the deep hemisphere, where the tracts to and from the cortex are localized in a small area, even a small lacunar infarction can cause an important deficit; it is thus difficult to show any relationship between infarct size and functional outcome.