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The islands are beautiful, especially in the region of Laie which is situated about 38 miles from Honolulu on the windward side of the island.
Le Renard (The Fox), Le Lapin (The Rabbit), Le Lievre (The Hare--larger than the rabbit), Daguet (a two-year-old Stag), La Discrete (a three-year-old Stag), La Dauphine (a four-year old Stag), La Fanfare du Roi (the King's Fanfare--a five-year-old Stag),La Biche (a doe), La Daim (a young fallow buck), Tete Bizarde (the rack of the stag is asymmetrical), Le Chevreuil De Bourgogne (a roe deer of Burgundy), Le Chevreuil (a roe deer), Le Dix-Cors, Jeunement (a young six-year, 10-pointed stag), Dix-Cors, ou La Royale (a royal mature stag, 10 plus points), Les Animaux en Compagnie (a group of wild boars), Le Sanglier (a wild boar), La Laie (a sow or mother pig), Le Balireau (a badger), Le Louvart (a small wolf), Le Loup (a wolf).
At tehsil level, there will be debate on Science aie baharen laie at secondary level.
They came suddenlie one night into the chamber where hee laie in bed fast asleepe, and with heavie feather beddes or a table (as some write) being cast upon him, they kept him down and withal put into his fundament an home, and through the same they thrust up into his bodie a hot spitte .
Der laie in Liturgie und Theologie bei Pius Parsch, Echter, Wurzburg, 2007, 223 pp.
Then the umu [called an imu, or underground oven, in Hawaiian] in Laie was banned because of the pollution or smoke.
it is not our fault they found out too laie we were covered by another author rity.
Presidential Lecture, Brigham Young University-Hawaii, Laie, Hawwaii.
LDS Philanthropies is responsible for donations to the church and its linked institutions, such as the two-year LDS Business College and Brigham Young University's campuses in Provo, Utah; Laie, Hawaii; and Rexburg, Idaho.
French, The People of the Parish: Community Life in a Laie Medieval English Diocese (U.
Scientists at the center have expanded the family of ringspot-resistant papayas to include a new specialty papaya called Laie Gold.
The Polynesian Cultural Center, near the town of Laie, with its villages, crafts, and shows that try to convey Pacific Island life; the presentation is polished and exuberant but somewhat touristy.