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Actually, most of the executives of East-West Thailand did not pay much attention to the 'baby' of Lamai Yapanan.
You won't have to travel far from Lamai, another popular beach, to find this rather unique attraction.
Formal education was first introduced to the Penan with the establishment of a primary school at Long Lamai in the upper Baram in 1957.
Koh Samui is Thailand's most tantalizing tropical island which lies in the South China Sea and offers more than 50km of idyllic white sands, the international tourist centers of Chaweng, Lamai and Bophut and some of the best luxury accommodation available in the SE Asian region.
In Africa and the Middle East, hotels selected include Efendi Hotel, Acre, Israel; Fellah Hotel, Marrakesh, Morocco; Lamai Serengeti, Tanzania; Olive Exclusive, Windhoek, Namibia; Palais Namaskar, Marrakesh, Morocco; The Selman, Marrakesh, Morocco; Sofitel Legend Old Cataract, Aswan, Egypt; White Pearl Resorts, Ponta Mamoli, Zitundo, Mozambique.
And don't forget to pick up a postcard of the Grandfather and Grandmother rocks at South Lamai beach, which look like parts of the body I can't describe in a family newspaper
The Mango on Sticky Rice treat, featuring a half mango slice on top of a mound of coconut milk sauce-moistened rice, is distributed in 197-gram servings under the Lamai Original Thai Cuisine label.
The LA Galaxy striker apparently visited the Lamai Thai Massage shop last week when wife Victoria was in Britain.
Combining the best elements of a tropical getaway, Banyan Tree Samui offers large infinity pools in its villas, and the only hydrotherapy spa EoACAo The Rainforest EoACAo in Koh Samui, tightly clustered on a private hill cove within Lamai Beach, overlooking the deep blue swells of the Gulf of Thailand.
The performance is based on the story of Gasa Lamai Singye, another equivalent of the Romeo and Juliet story, but uses it to focus on issues of domestic violence and global climate change.
But when French President Nicolas Sarkozy would not pull out of meeting the Dalai Lamai while his country held the rotating presidency of the European Union in late 2008, China hit back by cancelling a summit with the EU.