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Finally, Millstone's investment in a class 100 laminar flow hood now makes it possible for the company to provide extremely low level particulate operating space for critical operations involving powder fill, vial fill, and syringe fill operations and requiring fluids and polymers to be absolutely free from compromise.
In the acquisition are as follows laminar flow cabinets: Standarikaapit, a laminar flow hood with mikroskooppiaukolla, connected to the exhaust ventilation laminar flow hood and connected to the exhaust ventilation in a laminar flow hood with extra filters.
The contract is: Large inverted fluorescence microscope with micromanipulators and injectors on the sides, standing next to the stereo microscope, all housed in a laminar flow hood with vertical flow for micromanipulation.
Procurement Providing Medical Equipment, Transportation, Installation, Commissioning and Personnel Training for Pneumology Hospital Tudor Vladimirescu, Based in Runcu Commune, Gorj County: 10 Lots, the Quantities and Characteristics Specified in the Specification (Digital Radiology System with Archiving and Viewing Images, Spirometer, Biochemistry Analyzer, Autoclave Sterilization Capability 75Litri Station, Laminar Flow Hood, Hematology Analyzer, Unit 2 Channel Electrotherapy, Unit 2 Channel Magnetic Therapy, Ultrasound Unit 2 Channel Device Oven).
Contract awarded for Porta general purpose use technical: 37680 slides band mate technical: 36765 disposable covers laminar flow hood.
Contract awarded for preventive maintenance list 3386-2014 guatecompras laminar flow hood.
Lab Testing's field technicians are expertly equipped to certify Chemical Fume Hoods, Ductless Fume Hoods, Laminar Flow Hoods, Modules, Filtered Fan Units, Filter Caissons, Biological Safety Cabinets, Barrier Isolators, Glove Boxes and Clean Rooms using calibrated test equipment with NIST-traceability.
28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Merck Millipore, the Life Science division of Merck, has launched Steritest(TM) Symbio Pumps for easier, safer and more reliable sterility testing of pharmaceutical products in laminar flow hoods, isolators and clean rooms.
We have machinery to meet most needs of the medical component buyer; automated tube cutting services, laminar flow hoods, fume hood operations, ultrasonic cleaning capabilities.