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The land grant is finalized only after the municipal authorities' approval and only after they ensure that the beneficiary did not get a land grant on an earlier occasion, Al-Eqtisadiah business daily reported yesterday.
There was also another list of 800 other people who were selected for land grants in previous years.
6-acre parcel on Otter River Road for conservation and passive recreation, provided the Conservation Commission receives a LAND grant for the purchase.
Supreme Court dealing with land grant issues in Florida under both Spanish and British sovereigns have been identified, and an addendum listing more than 50 such cases is attached.
The recent Land Grant and Outreach Panel Reviews at Cornell recommended that our partnerships be expanded and strengthened.
Having a searchable source for outcomes of our work will help to communicate the value of our research and extension programs in our land grant universities.
Instead, they published a notification saying, "The chairman of the Badr municipality urges interested applicants for plots to contact the land grant committee to participate in a draw which will be held during normal working hours.
The site was part of the original Calabasas land grant and was designated as Los Angeles' first historically significant site.
The land grant university system initiated by the Morrill Act of 1862 was radical in its intent to broaden the access of Americans to higher education.
The same acre might belong to one man who had received it as part of a vast land grant from the British Crown, to another who claimed to have bought it from an Indian tribe, and to a third who had accepted it in place of salary from a state legislature--and none of the three might ever have actually laid eyes on it.
In addition, blocks of programming submitted from Land Grant Colleges and Universities, FFA, the Farm Bureau and other qualified organizations and companies support the lineup.
The Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service CSREES and the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) recently established a visiting scholar program to increase collaboration with land grant universities regarding international marketing and trade.