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enclosure (inclosure)

n. land bounded by a fence, wall, hedge, ditch or other physical evidence of boundary. Unfortunately, too often these creations are not included among the actual legally-described boundaries and cause legal problems.


noun arena, barrier, blockade, border, boundary, bracket, cincture, circle, circumjacence, circumvallation, confine, confinement, container, custody, edge, embrace, encasement, encirclement, enclosed space, encompassment, enfoldment, fence, fenced in area, girdle, immurement, imprisonment, incarceration, insertion, limit, limitation, perimeter, pound, receptacle, restriction, trammel, walled in area, wrapper, zone
See also: barrier, boundary, chamber, close, constraint, coverage, curtilage, imprisonment, parcel, scope

ENCLOSURE. An artificial fence put around one's estate. Vide Close.

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An important concomitant to this drive towards land enclosure had been the construction of cattle sheds (54) and the use of manure on farms within Elgon Nyanza.
The fact that clergymen have a particular interest in land enclosure is evident in Jane Austen's fiction, and probable in her family life.
Procurement Compiling the Technical According to Hg 8341991 in Order to Obtain the Certificate Attesting to Ownership of Land Enclosure Chemp Boga Two and Entered in the Real Estate Advertising in Accordance with the Legislation in Force.
One group, G20 Meltdown, planned four carnival parades into the heart of the financial district led by effigies of the "four horsemen of the apocalypse", representing war, climate chaos, financial crimes and land enclosures.
As Humphrey represents it, normative long-standing practice was carried to excess in this instance in revenge for the priory's land enclosures.