landed property

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With a significant number of farm or landed property instructions already having been received for 2014, there appears to be purchasers deciding to sell.
Tower Growth Leasehold Property Fund", said that the fund will invest in 30-year leasehold interests in landed property, office buildings and shopping centres with an aggregate lease space of 131,915 sq.
Mr Wirach Morakotkarn, Acting Chief Executive Officer, KTB Advisory Company Limited, as a Financial Advisor, commented that the leasehold interest in the landed property and office/shopping centre building of CP Tower II (Fortune Town) will be the fund's most valuable asset, representing 56% of its total asset value, followed by the leasehold interest in the landed property and office/shopping centre buildings of CP Tower I (Silom) (34%) and CP Tower III (Phayathai) (10%), respectively.
On 2 April 1858 Marx had written to Engels explaining the plan he would use to write Capital: Marx would begin by considering 'Capital in general' on the basis of two simplifying assumptions: (i) 'Throughout this section, wages are invariably assumed to be at their minimum' and (ii) 'Further, landed property is assumed to be zero, i.
In correspondence to Marx a week later, on 9 April 1858, Engels said 'The arrangement of the whole into 6 books could hardly be better and seems to me an excellent idea, although the dialectical transition from landed property to wage labour is not yet quite clear to me' (Engels, 1858).
Second, Marx argued that under the societal requirements of inherited landed property, the will of the individual land owners was irrelevant because--irrespective of what individual landowners thought or wanted --they were required by the social relations of primogeniture to dispose of their land only by passing the land on to the oldest male child.
In each society, different forms of ownership of landed property were the basis for forming one association of people 'against a subjected producing class' and--significantly for their later critique of capitalism--the 'form of association and the relation to the direct producers were different because of the different conditions of production' (Marx and Engels, 1998: 40).
Landed property empires and rentier fiefdoms may not be the unchallenged sources of power they were, bu land speculation and land-use contests are hardly becoming ghosts in the RAM machine of cybernetic real estate.
Its prime landed property covers a total area of 64.
The author demonstrates with several examples how the appointed ducal officials had transformed the castle-estates under their jurisdiction into hereditary landed property by the end of the 13th century.