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The MFC-J4510DW embraces new printing technology, printing documents in a landscape format to offer you fast print speeds in a lower profile machine.
Entries must be in colour, in landscape format and should illustrate the seasons, life and scenery of the two villages.
uk/coventry HOW TO ENTER The photos must be in a landscape format and saved as a jpeg at the highest resolution if emailing.
This also enables it to provide easy opening for the increasingly popular share pack, which is printed in landscape format to encourage opening along the length of the bag providing a helpful and appealing aid to the consumer.
HOW TO ENTER: * Get snapping, or dig out your best pictures of Middlesbrough, (Max three per pho- tographer)* The picture needs to be in landscape format, and the photographer must be prepared to have their name on the billboard.
In landscape format (12x9"), the book contains entirely excellent color photos with a bit of introduction and generous captions.
TV Room (all works 2006): In the middle of a painterly maelstrom stuffed with props in a very wide landscape format, as if in the midst of a wide-screen movie, two gnomes sit in front of the TV set, staring silently into space, smoking joints, motionless, side by side on a garishly colored sofa, like the gang from South Park.
ISBN 1-85367-496-6 Hard cover, landscape format, 22 x 15 cm, 144 pp, 117 b & w photos and line drawings 14.
First, students fold their paper the "hot dog" way (lengthwise), then open it up and position it horizontally or in a landscape format.
Each of our winners will receive a commemorative gift package that features a large landscape format colour Certificate of Registration, hand-inscribed with the actual star's constellation, a shortform of its telescopic co-ordinates, plus the name you have chosen for it.
Businesses are finding that the traditional landscape format is not the most appropriate solution for monitoring corridors, hallways and other narrow areas because it creates a video stream whereby a large part of the field of view - specifically the sides of the image - is unneeded.
The iStratus DayPlanner app, with more visual real estate for our three-screen system, when viewed in landscape format, will look and feel like a desktop computer in the palm of your hand.

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