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This is a laneway often used by local people and children.
On one side of the laneway were pitted a series of residential property owners along Willow Street against Pinevest Homes and developer Henry Stolp who owns a large section of property slated for a subdivision on the other side of the laneway.
sat]) using the methods of Drewry and Paton (2000) at several sites: pasture used for dairy grazing, a watering trough in the pasture, and a laneway adjacent to the pasture.
In Sydney, the city council has launched a 'Laneways Development Plan' and invested over $240,000 in grant-based funding to start-up retail businesses; whilst in Western Australia, the Perth City Focus has been established to help fill vacant retail pockets, promote laneway activation and expand the city's small bar scene.
50pm last Wednesday evening, they found Rafter "brandishing a sickle in the laneway and shouting "I'll kill you if you don't get off my property'".
by BLANAID MURPHY THE mum whose newborn baby was abandoned on an isolated laneway has been told by gardai: "You have nothing to fear.
Residents have expressed anger at the length of time taken to detect and deal with the bomb in the laneway.
And I remember distinctly walking home down this laneway, I can't have been more than five or six, and with the rhythm of my feet I began to hear music, and within that second I made the association with the Holy Spirit, and I said thanks to it.
Gardai in Co Clare have launched a murder investigation following the discovery of a body in a laneway in the village of Parteen.
A cigarette butt might seem small and insignificant in comparison to dumping furniture or cookers in a laneway.
At the centre of the case was the alleged widening of the entrance to a laneway where it meets the public road.
The survey of more than 1000 readers of Australian Traveller magazine found Melbourne was the favoured city for its sporting events, shopping and laneway cafes and bars.