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LEGACY, LAPSED. A legacy is said to be lapsed or extinguished, when the legatee dies before the testator, or before the condition upon which the legacy is given has been performed, or before the time at which it is directed to vest in interest has arrived. Bac. Ab. Legacy, E; Com. Dig. Chancery, 3 Y 13; 1 P. Wms. 83. Lownd. Leg. 408 to 415; 1 Rop. Leg. 319 to 341. See, as to the law of Pennsylvania in favor of lineal descendants, 5 Smith's Laws of Pa. 112. Vide, generally, 8 Com. Dig. 502-3; 5 Toull. n. 671.

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They were "Tinned meats," and having uttered them she lapsed into gloomy silence.
For hours the frenzy of her passion possessed the burning hand-maiden of the Flaming God, until at last sleep overpowered her and she lapsed into unconsciousness beside the man she had sworn to torture and to slay.
Otobu did as he was instructed and the young maniac lapsed into scowling silence.
No soone had they ridden out of sight of Captain Gerard and his men than he lapsed once more into his accustomed taciturnity.
After a time, she lapsed into a state of dreadful calmness, and observed, that when that unfortunate train of circumstances had occurred in the Indigo Trade, she had foreseen that she would be exposed, during her whole life, to every species of insult and contumely; and that she was glad to find it was the case; and begged they wouldn't trouble themselves about her,--for what was she?
Then, as he turned to go, he lapsed into beche-de-mer English and flung sternly over his shoulder, "My word, you make 'm me cross along you.
Looking back across the seven centuries that have lapsed since Avis Everhard completed her manuscript, events, and the bearings of events, that were confused and veiled to her, are clear to us.
First, the insurer might suffer high losses from lapsed policies due to up-front investments for acquiring new business (Pinquet et al.
Reliance Life Insurance Company announced the introduction of a new initiative for reviving lapsed policies for its policy-holders.
In the spirit of streamlining and simplifying the certification process, it is very easy to reinstate a lapsed renewal
Pakistan's MCB Bank Limited (KAR: MCB) has said that its share purchase agreement (SPA) to acquire operations of Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc (RBSG) (LSE: RBS) (NYSE: RBS-PP) in Pakistan has lapsed as it did not get some necessary regulatory approvals.
Re-engaging donors who have lapsed is getting very fashionable, especially by using the telephone.