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The distance from the back of the head to the tip of the bill (hereafter head-to-bill length) is widely used in discriminant function analyses to differentiate gender in many Laridae (Hanners and Patton 1985, Stern and Jarvis 1991, Phillips and Furness 1997, Fletcher and Hamer 2003, Devlin et al.
Of the seabirds inhabiting Santa Monica Bay, gulls (family Laridae, genus Larus) were the most often observed year-round and during the two-year study period, followed by brown pelicans, terns, grebes and shearwaters.
solitaria Wilson, solitary I O sandpiper Tryngites subruficollis I R (Vieillot), buff-breasted sandpiper Family Laridae (jaegers, gulls, terns, and skimmers) Chlidonias leucopterus (Temminck), N R white-winged tern C.