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Because it has remained dormant since its last eruption in 1907, data to make scientific comparison is in short supply.
According to new dating studies, the last eruption in the caldera occurred 60,000 years ago, relatively recently by geologic standards.
Since 1988, the Indonesian island where Sangeang Api is located has no permanent residence since the fled the place after the last eruption.
There is so much heat coming out of Yellowstone right now that if it wasn't being reheated by magma, the whole system would have gone stone cold since the time of the last eruption 70,000 years ago," he added.
He noted that the volcano's last eruption ran from 1821 to 1823.
The Yellowstone volcano usually erupts every 600,000 years, but 640,000 years have passed since the last eruption.
He added: 'The last eruption in the Canaries was 30 years ago when the Teneguia volcano erupted on La Palma.
Fuji erupts with a force similar to its last eruption in 1707, known as the Hoei eruption, one of Japan's most powerful, the amount of damage is expected to total about 2 trillion yen, it said.
Of eight volcanoes that straddle the borders of Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda, Mount Nyiragongo is the most feared: Its last eruption in 1977 killed around 70 people when molten rock burst through long cracks, called fissures, lining the mountain's flanks.
The Premier confirmed the virus would take much longer to kill off this time than the last eruption 24 years ago.
The last eruption in the area was more than 200 years ago.