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Do not perform CD for a prolonged latent phase of labor, defined as regular contractions of >20 hours duration in nulliparous women and >14 hours duration in muciparous women.
The consensus statement also recognizes recent data showing that women who undergo labor induction have an even slower "normal" course of labor, particularly a longer latent phase, than women who labor spontaneously.
in 1965 stated that in primigravida with high head the latent phase is increased and mean duration of labour was 14.
In the latent phase - and usually around two years after becoming infected - syphilis can"t be passed on to others but can still cause symptoms.
As of mid-June 2013, we were managing 45 active TB patients and 350 latent phase patients.
Within these cells, the virus enters a latent phase, kept in check by the watchful eye of so-called memory T cells.
The HBV latent phase may persist lifelong, but in about 5-15% of patients HBeAg-negative chronic HBV hepatitis can occur.
Many of the damaging inflammatory mechanisms that they inhibit are important in maintaining TB in the latent phase.
The time between the exposure and the onset of antibody production is known as the latent phase or lag phase.
First line medications used to treat exercise-induced asthma Proventyl/salbutamol 2 puffs 15 minutes prior to exercise Cromolyn sodium 2 puffs 20 minutes prior to exercise Salmeterol 2 puffs 30 minutes prior to exercise Good for latent phase EIA Leukotriene inhibitors Taken by mouth at least 1 hour prior to exercise
First, gather a core group of nurses who really want to learn how to manage the latent phase of labor in this way.
Because it has no nuclear or latent phase, it is unlikely to be associated with cancer or persistent infection, he said.