Lateral Support

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Lateral Support

The right of a landowner to have his or her property naturally upheld by the adjoining land or the soil beneath.The adjoining owner has the duty not to alter the land, such as by lowering it, so as to cause the support to be weakened or removed.


Adjoining Landowners.

lateral support

n. the right of a land owner assuring that his/her neighbor's land will provide support against any slippage, cave-in or landslide. Should the adjoining owner excavate into the soil for any reason (foundation, basement, leveling) then there must be a retaining wall constructed (or other protective engineering) to prevent a collapse. A classic example: a developer excavated into a hill along both the western and southern lines to create a pad for an apartment building and delayed putting in the retaining wall. Cracks appeared in the buildings next to the digging site, and the owners filed lawsuit asking for an injunction to require the developer to build a wall. The judge so ordered, but the cave-in occurred anyway, the neighboring buildings toppled into the hole, and, in the subsequent lawsuit by the owners of the neighboring fallen buildinga the developer had to pay the entire value of the buildings which were destroyed. Most lateral support problems are less dramatic.

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More 100x50mm timber is then inserted and dwanged to provide lateral support.
All models have Recaro sport driver and passenger seats which provide optimal lateral support for enthusiastic driving.
A redesigned inner ATF[R] Strap covers larger area over the Anterior Talofibular Ligament (the ligament most likely to be sprained or strained) for increased lateral support.
The superstructure of the cafe is painted plasma cut mild steel plate, connected by CHS mild steel sections for lateral support.
Horan of Worcester blamed insufficient lateral support as the major cause of the collapse and inadequate bolting as a contributing factor.
The Evo also features a perforated leather upper for enhanced breathability, fit and feel and an additional lateral support overlay to help contain splay during hard cuts.
The chords that require sheathing or the members that require lateral support at a specified interval are indicated on the truss design drawing [5].
The "multi-contour" seat has several air chambers which automatically inflate and deflate in tune with bends to give the best possible lateral support.
Legroom, too, is generous and all seats give good lateral support.
A lateral support is also provided for taking over the tensioning force of the cables.
Inside are Renaultsport seats with improved lateral support, alluminium pedal facings, a Renaultsport leather steering wheel and a rev counter with an integrated gearchange light.
Inside the cabin, you'll find aluminium pedals as well as specially sculpted front sport seats with enhanced lateral support and distinctive orange seat belts.

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