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The temporal lobe lies below the lateral fissure and posteriorly to the parieto-occipital fissure (Fig 3),[11,23] Primary auditory and associational areas are the major functional areas in this region.
Inner area barely marked between central fasciae and lateral fissures.
Inner area of pronotum with a pair of central longitudinal fasciae broadened at anterior ends, a pair of short, rather indistinct, oblique branches from middle of the central longitudinal fasciae along inner margins of paramedian fissures, a pair of longitudinal fasciae between median parts of paramedian fissures and posterior ends of lateral fissures, which extend to anterior margin of pronotum along anterior 1/3 of paramedian fissures, a pair of fasciae along lateral fissures, and a pair of curved fasciae along lateral margins of inner area.

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