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12 Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer or Firefighter, Etc.
She could not qualify under the second clause, which is limited to law enforcement officers.
I am hopeful that the message of When Cops Kill will continue to spread resulting in more donations to charities that benefit our law enforcement officers.
The only well-defined characteristic the offenders shared was that they assaulted or killed a law enforcement officer.
13) Of particular interest to the law enforcement community is Article 36 of the Vienna Convention, which outlines certain obligations law enforcement officers have to notify consular officials when they arrest or otherwise significantly detain a foreign national.
Miller, a retired police captain, is the Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted program coordinator and an instructor in the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Serivices Division.
Identix' IBIS real time mobile identification solutions uses a patented hand-held portable device that enables law enforcement officers in the field to capture and wirelessly transmit to a backend IBIS software system a suspect's fingerprints and photograph for searches against various law enforcement databases.
55 law enforcement officers were killed in 53 separate incidents.
IBIS has proven very successful in identifying suspects in the field, while assisting our law enforcement officers in becoming even more efficient and effective," Lt.
If the constitutional question is close--if it is in that "hazy border"--then courts must defer to the law enforcement officer and grant her qualified immunity.
He has written several books vital to today's law enforcement officer, including On Combat and the Pulitzer-nominated On Killing, which is required reading in courses at military academies, police academies, and colleges worldwide.

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