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Hunting For Heroes is a national organization that provides recreational therapy and counseling for law enforcement officers severely injured in the line of duty.
Supreme Court decisions that define when law enforcement officers are civilly liable for uses of force.
The number of federal, state, and local law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty nationwide has decreased 20 percent.
6) Six offenders reported that they had attempted to force a law enforcement officer to kill them at some point during the incident.
To document the weapon types most frequently used to attack law enforcement officers.
CARROLLTON, Texas -- Roll Call is the ideal time for increasing the risk awareness and safety level among law enforcement officers before they start their shift.
Counted within that number are 72 local, state, and federal law enforcement officers, the most officers ever lost in a single day.
17) The Law Enforcement Officer Stress Survey identified areas officers find most troubling; supra note 6.
The product is currently being implemented by a select group of Georgia Law Enforcement Officers, and is available for evaluation by accredited Law Enforcement Agencies.
Seven of the 51 victims were performing detective duties or were on special assignment, and 5 officers were off duty but acting in an official capacity as law enforcement officers when they were killed.
The program, part of the Bureau of Justice Assistance, is designed to prevent violence against law enforcement officers and ensure officer resilience and survivability following violent encounters while on duty.
However, I would wager that the rate of incidence per hour of handling firearms among law enforcement officers is drastically lower than that of the public as a whole, just as people who drive for a living have fewer automobile accidents per mile driven than does the public as a whole.

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