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offences against the law of nations," including specifically
It had integrated that broad law of nations by granting authority to make treaties and alliances without introducing significant subject matter constraints, save for the limits on commercial treaties.
18) An ATS suit arises under federal law because the Statute provides for suits governed by federal common law since the law of nations was then and is now part of federal common law.
seeing that all who navigate them are subject to a Common Law of Nations.
the law of nations or international law supplies the applicable
courts have come to recognize terrorism as a violation of the law of nations.
David Sterling, Eighth Army in North Africa, a legend in all Allied Armies, and to the countless others of their generation in American or Allied uniform who made the Law of Nations possible through their service and sacrifice.
that the law of nations does not impose civil liability on corporations
Whereas the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries appear foundational of our times for Loughlin, the contributors to The Roman Foundations of the Law of Nations turn to Roman law as the place where "the writers of sixteenth, seventeenth, and early eighteenth centuries [sought] the legal maxims and methods, the principles governing treaties or embassies or jurisdiction or property, and the broader ideas of justice in the inception, fighting, and conclusion of war, which they built into a law of nations of enduring importance.
It is precisely this complex genealogy that Professor Heller-Roazen assails and reconstructs with tremendous acumen and subtlety in his latest work The Enemy of All: Piracy and the Law of Nations.
82) The defendant moved to dismiss the case, and a central issue was whether the plaintiffs' prolonged detention constituted a tort in violation of the Law of Nations.
Members of the Founding generation did rely on Vattel in their understanding of the Ninth Amendment, but their use of the law of nations points in the opposite direction of what Farber proposes.