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In addition to the debate over the status of al-Qaeda forces as combatants versus civilians, some have advanced the idea that members of al-Qaeda are unlawful combatants--that they do not qualify as lawful combatants because they do not fight pursuant to the rules of the laws of war, but that they do not qualify as civilians either precisely because they are engaged in a fight against the United States.
The foundation is the premise that because non-state actors lack the privilege of lawful combatants, any harm they cause is ipso facto a violation of the laws and customs of war.
None, therefore, can fight in such a way as to meet the requirements of the law of war because none have the right to kill anyone, not even lawful combatants.
44 (3) of the First Additional Protocol of June 1977 (which standardizes the criteria for lawful combatant status irrespective of one's membership of regular or irregular formations).
The customary laws of war immunize only lawful combatants from prosecution for committing acts that would otherwise be criminal under domestic or international law.
73) International law traditionally treated mercenaries as lawful combatants.
Like the Blueland sniper's victim, Yamamoto was a lawful combatant in an international armed conflict, killed by opposing lawful combatants.
In fact, our captured troops wearing the uniform would be lawful combatants entitled as POWs to the full protection of the Geneva Conventions, not just Common Article 3.
protection of lawful combatants is a fundamental aspect of the Hague and
The Hague Convention IV of 1907 defined the status of belligerents, that is those who will be treated as lawful combatants.
150) The practical importance of the distinction is that lawful combatants that are captured and detained are prisoners of war.