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The rebels have been laying siege to ISIL's headquarters in the city of Raqa since last night.
A GUNMAN shot himself in the head after laying siege to a petrol station yesterday.
Rangers carried out house to house search by laying siege in various Lyari areas including Chakiwara, Sango Lane, Gul Muhammad Lane, Raxor lane and Jumman Shah Plot and arrested over 130 suspected.
A frenetic start saw Raiders take the lead after laying siege to the Dragons line but the visitors hit back through Roland Masters to trail 6-4 at half-time.
KATHMANDU, May 9 -- Maitighar area in the capital has become tense after the UCPN (Maoist) cadres, who have been laying siege to Singhadurbar, confronted with police personnel on Sunday.
As to Britain not tolerating such rocket fire, Britain is not laying siege to Gaza, which is just one of many war crimes that Israel is perpetrating against the Palestinian people.