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Lazzaretto said he may do so, if the Ducks find some success.
Lazzaretto, a homicide investigator, was killed May 27, 1997, while looking for an attempted-murder suspect in a Chatsworth warehouse.
Lazzaretto was gunned down by Gonzalez, sparking an eight-hour standoff with intermittent gunfire between SWAT and Los Angeles police officers and Gonzalez, who ultimately killed himself.
The gunman also injured two then-West Valley Division LAPD officers, Kevin Foster and Jude Bella, who were trying to rescue Lazzaretto.
Lazzaretto was killed May 27, 1997, while looking for an attempted-murder suspect in a pornography warehouse in Chatsworth.
The officers attempted to rescue Lazzaretto in 1997 when he was fatally shot in an ambush while pursuing a suspect for questioning in a Glendale murder case.
The first lap of the event is always walked and is called the Lazzaretto Lap, in honor of Glendale Detective Charles Lazzaretto.
Davey will also pay restitution to Annamaria Lazzaretto and her two sons in a wrongful death lawsuit, settled in September.
And for every one day that Lazzaretto is honored for his service, there are hundreds that pass without fanfare.
The suspect, Israel Gonzalez, shot Lazzaretto and his partner, who managed to escape and get help.
In 1997, Lazzaretto was looking for Israel Gonzalez, who severely beat his ex-girlfriend, when the man fatally shot the officer before turning the gun on himself.
Lazzaretto & Associates found the LAX expansion plan is compromised by significant errors, omissions and biases.