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The study found absence of Lead Apron or its rare use by the Radiographer.
Two TLDs were placed on the umbilicus under the lead apron, 2 on the umbilicus above the lead apron, and 1 on the thyroid above the thyroid shield.
Lead aprons, gonadal contact shields, lead gloves, sponges, sandbags, Velcro bands and tape should be readily available and within arm's reach.
Villa fan Tom - who described himself as "not a runner, but an active guy" - chose to wear the lead apron to generate publicity for his fundraising for Acorns Children's Hospice.
The lead apron allowance is set out in the Private Hospital Industry Nurses' (State) Award 12 (iv) and is identical in enterprise agreements in the private hospital sector:
Even for the ones that do, there is a lead apron that blocks nearly 100% of the scattered X rays.
Depending on the body part being examined, you should be given a lead apron to place on your lap.
The greater the applied kVp, the easier it is for the primary beam photons to penetrate the lead apron.
Even if you are not pregnant, you should ask for a lead apron to protect your reproductive organs during the procedure.