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Americans are slightly more likely to say Clinton has the personality and leadership qualities needed in a president than to say they agree with her on the issues, though a majority of Americans say both statements are true.
Trust, good communications and decisiveness were seen as the most essential leadership qualities.
So, how are leadership qualities developed in the finance function?
Founding a company takes vision, charisma, energy and all sorts of other venerable characteristics, but those leadership qualities often aren't enough to steer that same company from start-up to full-fledged corporation.
Participants must take 64 hours of Academy curriculum to build functional expertise and 16 hours of courses to build personal attributes and leadership qualities.
Each competency model contains about 40 professional competencies arranged in four categories: personal attributes, leadership qualities, broad business perspective and functional expertise.
Rick has the leadership qualities and determination to take Canada into the next chapter and we are pleased to have him on our team.
PADDY Crozier has hailed the leadership qualities of Kevin McCloy after making him Derry captain for the season - though it may be some time before he is fit to play.
The event, held to benefit the Greater New York Councils of the Boy Scouts of America, recognized outstanding community service and leadership qualities and honored Pat A.
Kendall's view was that Ferguson had,apparently,battled his way back to fitness and his leadership qualities were needed.
It examines a number of leadership qualities -- some quite different -- and places them in con text with examples drawn from history and from current business leaders.

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