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a) Debris deposited by ants around the base of Prosthechea cochleata where orchid mealybugs were concealed; (b) removal of an orchid leaf sheath on a new shoot reveals a large population of mealybugs on P.
Leaf sheath moisture for both farms, was equal nearly and there was not any significant difference between them (Table 3).
After the abovementioned parameters were determined, the effective degradability of DM, NDF, and ADF in whole plant, leaf blade, leaf sheath, stem rind, stem pith, stem node, ear husk, and tassel of corn stover were calculated using the equation described by 0rskov and McDonald (1979) as follows:
Leaf sheath and shoot cortex of Phragmites were exclusively used by Reed Parrotbills, while leaf blade of Phragmites, leaf blade of Zizania, foam, plastic film, and used fishing net were exclusively used by Oriental Reed Warblers.
pauciflora that we have examined have dense pubescence, particularly on the lower leaf sheaths (some of these had been misidentified as var.
He dug out the underground stem, the corm, a bundle of leaf sheaths.
eats the inside of new shoots, while the leaf sheath miner, Lasioptera donacis, destroys leaves.
Nevertheless nymphs of the latter species remained on the cartridge area only until the second or third instar, when they descended to the leaf sheath to complete their nymphal development.
Supply more assimilates from other sources such as flag leaf sheath and the leaves below the flag leaf can somewhat compensate the lack of flag leaf, although contribution of flag leaf in grain filling is more than 12 percent [11].
But control has been difficult because the pest's eggs are tucked between the plant's leaf sheath and stalk, where both eggs and larvae are protected from chemical sprays.
High viability of the bacterial antagonist (Bacillus megaterium) on leaf sheath and leaf blade at day 7 after spraying with the formulation was observed (approximately [10.