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LEAKAGE. The waste which has taken place in liquids, by their escaping out of the casks or vessels in which they were kept. By the act of March 2, 1799, s. 59, 1 Story's L. U. S, 625, it is provided that there be an allowance of two per cent for leakage, on the quantity which shall appear by the gauge to be contained in any cask of liquors, subject to duty by the gallon and ten per cent on all beer, ale, and porter, in bottles and five per cent on all other liquors in bottles; to be deducted, from the invoice quantity, in lieu of breakage or it shall be lawful to compute the duties on the actual quantity, to be ascertained by tale, at the option of the importer, to be made at the time of entry.

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To analyse the power and delay model of logic blocks leakage power consumption in CMOS circuits should be known.
YorKshire Water has changed the way it monitors, responds to and anticipates LEAKAGE in a bid to TACKLE the problem of 'lost water'.
The independent variables considered in this study are containment leakage area, supply air airflow rate, and the rack heat load.
Working principle of non-leakage sucker pump is shown in figure 2, during the upstroke, the traveling valve is closed and the fixed valve on the bottom of the pump barrel is open, the pressure of plunger inner cavity is high, the pressure of pump barrel under the plunger is low, the outer of plunger is connected to pump barrel cavity, because of the pressure difference between inside and outside of the plunger, the elastic sealing body deforms and then swells outwards to the inside wall of pump barrel, forming good seal and making the leakage almost zero.
The drive is part of the plan of the Ministry of Water and Electricity to bring down leakage of water to the minimum and conduct programs aimed at rationalization of water consumption.
However given the volume of fraud and revenue leakage in the industry, the function should also have broader visibility at the very top of the organization.
Most plastics processing plants fall into "medium" category and should aim for a leakage rate of 7% to 10%.
In the future, a computer aided web-based leakage management system will report on and provide vital data on where leakages are occurring.
Leakage operatives aim to minimise the amount of water that is wasted through damaged pipes, by finding leaks in the water distribution network.
After assessing best practices and strategies in leakage management technologies applied in England, Wales, and Germany, this report discusses how district metered area and pressure management technologies can be transferred to North America.
Orthus Limited have published the results from monitoring over 100,000 hours of user activity captured through the delivery of their unique Data Leakage Audit Service.