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LEAP YEAR. Vide Bissextile.

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COVENTRY'S University Hospital welcomed a bundle of cute Leap Year babies yesterday.
The worst thing about being a leap year baby is celebrating a real birthday only once every four years, according to Dick Albert.
After due consideration and haggling, the two agreed that on the additional day in a Leap Year a woman could make a marriage proposal.
There's a string of speciality Leap Year bets available but what I like are the odds framed by Paddy Power about which famous women will propose today.
Not only does the hearts and flowers fest of Valentine's Day arrive on the 14th but this being a Leap Year there'll be love struck ladies all over Merseyside considering whether to propose to their partners on the 29th instead of waiting for them to get down on one knee.
This means that 1984 and 2000 were leap years but not 1900.
A PETITION to fight for an extra Bank Holiday in Leap Years was launched last week.
To fix that over the centuries, leap years are skipped in century years not divisible by 400.
The tradition of women proposing to their men is believed to originate in Ireland when St Patrick granted women permission to propose on leap years.
In the Gregorian calendar, which is the calendar used by most modern countries, there are certain rules which decide which years are leap years.
Julius Caesar introduced leap years into the calendar, as the length of the year was not an integral number of days.