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When the animals were treated with the anti-depressant Prozac, they stopped exhibiting depression-like and learning disorder symptoms.
We need more psychologists trained in diagnosing learning disorders, and they will need special and appropriate diagnostic tools.
They are able to give special attention to dyslexic pupils, helping them to compensate for or cope with their learning disorder," he said, adding that affected children are given more time to do their tests.
Steck-Turner, NCTM, is an independent teacher in Lafayette, Louisiana, maintaining a studio of approximately 60 students and specializing in very young children and learning disorders.
Some additional chapter topics in the new edition include: visual problems associated with learning disorders and acquired brain injury, management of vision problems for children with special needs, and low vision.
This edition incorporates a new section on neurodevelopmental and learning disorders, and new chapters on neuropsychological interventions, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis and childhood multiple sclerosis, tuberous sclerosis complex, perinatal stroke, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.
Learning disorders are simply caused by a difference in the brain that affects how information is received, processed or communicated.
The Dore programme also claimed to help people with ADHD and other learning disorders with exercises such as juggling and balancing on a wobble board.
The majority of young people in the American juvenile justice system have diagnosable mental illnesses, including substance abuse, mental retardation and learning disorders.
The third category of students mentioned above, especially those having neurological handicaps, experience learning disorders and thereby they become poor school performers.
Brain, Behavior, and Learning in Language and Reading Disorders, edited by Maria Mody and Elaine Silliman, is a comprehensive resource designed to provide current research and theory on language-based learning disorders.

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