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Social learning theory can easily be applied to teaching leadership because one's leadership is recognized through observing his/her behaviors and their consequences.
Yet, the practitioner's journey is most frequently directed by assumptions and practices advanced by John Holland's work, the developmental perspective promoted by JoAnn Harris-Bowlsbey, and John Krumboltz's social learning theory.
a hybrid model of face-to-face and online learning), situated learning theory, and the modeling of technology integration.
All 318 subjects were enrolled in different sections of the Learning Theory and Practice course offered during the academic years 2001-2004.
This investigation's focus on preservice teachers' efficacy beliefs in the self-regulation of behavior is based on social learning theory posited by Bandura (1977b, 1997).
Joining with Psychology, Education loses the ability to address learning theory as the fragmented, locally coherent domain that it is today.
Analyzing research on transformative learning theory.
Technology has brought about many changes in methods of communication in the last forty years, but the principals that the Information Mapping method is based on -- learning theory, human factors engineering and cognitive science -- have remained relevant," said Robert E.
Drawing on learning theory, expertise research, and research on effective professional development, this paper presents the theoretical and empirical basis behind an evolving program of professional development that employs school-embedded teacher learning communities as a central component, called "Keeping Learning on Track[R].
Constructivism has emerged as a significant learning theory that emphasizes student-centered learning (Dalgarno, 2001).
It's a method of teaching and learning based upon mastery learning theory, designed to promote comprehension rather than passive memorization and rigid, one-size-fits-all testing.
One issue with today's offerings for social software in education is that they are being presented as "social learning" solutions, but they are not being designed, packaged or integrated with the greater concepts of social learning theory in mind.

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