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For 2009-10, LECS reported a profit after tax (PAT) and net sales of Rs.
The LECs are all up for it and I believe it will ultimately benefit businesses in those regions.
The contentious issue that faces both the LECs and the ISPs is how and where this should be done without disrupting current services.
The rates charged by LECs for transport and termination of traffic handed over by CMRS providers are a significant factor in determining the growth of the wireless industry because interconnection charges constitute a significant part of wireless carriers' operating expenses.
No previous analysis has been made of these trends, but Hayton (1992) speculates that the advent of LECs will lead in Scotland to a greater standardisation of LEA services, a loss of diversity, exclusion of some businesses, a decrease in private sector involvement and a loss of some staff.
One of the LEFs main jobs will be as a watchdog for the LECs, which were criticised by MSPs for their patchy performance.
Given the wide geographical distribution of the T/LECs, the differences in remit between the TECs and the LECs, and the very different kinds of business community served in different parts of the country, it was decided that a survey of the full population of T/LECs was highly desirable.
1, 1991, implementation of price cap regulation for the LECs.
The network will enable the company to cut back its dependency on LECs and IXCs, while creating a footprint that overlaps all of AT&T's rate-centers within the LATA.
Some of the largest conferencing corporations and tier 1 LECs in North America depend on the VSR1000 for next generation conferencing and IVR services and these customers can be assured that we will be a leader meeting the needs of this rapidly changing marketplace.
EDN has passed each and every audit from both LECs and billing aggregators, the companies that submit the charges to the LECs.