Ledger book

LEDGER BOOK, eccl. law. The name of a book kept in the prerogative courts in England. It is considered as a roll of the court, but, it seems, it cannot be read in evidence. Bac. Ab. h.t.

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They are sophisticated, proprietary DIGITAL BEARER BONDS(TM) built on the open source, ledger book protocols called the block chain that have been battle tested for 6 years.
A ledger book found at the home of money launderer Sukdhev Singh suggested he cleaned almost PS2m to pay the Clarkes' drug suppliers, based in Holland and Spain.
distributed application layer of the open source, ledger book protocols
Most entries are written in Rosenberg's looping cursive, some on paper torn from a ledger book and others on the back of official Nazi stationary, the analysis said.
And expenses related to the care of retired priests deeply strained the diocesan financial ledger book.
Kilicdaroglu also sent a ledger book belonging to an alleged suspect which he said included bribe accounts.
You could do the same distribution by using a bound ledger book, but then you'd have to write the date, name and amount of the check twice, so a one-write system is probably quicker.
No matter what the ledger book said, Microsoft continued to tout Windows 7′s success, announcing today that it had sold more than 300 million licenses since the October 2009 launch.
An entry in the ledger book of the club from June 1899 has "Lt WLS Churchill" named as one of 17 defaulters, reports the BBC.
It was amazing to behold all those suit-and-tie types who till yesterday were pumping Lalu Yadav up as the biggest balloon since man invented a ledger book, the middlemen who thought that Lalu Yadav deserved a separate chapter in the Harvard curriculum, the tour operators who ferried American students to guided tours of Lalu Yadav's office and cattle-packed Patna grounds, suddenly seeing merit in the announcement that a white paper on his last five years was the compulsion of the hour.
AN old ledger book filled with formulas was yesterday said to be worth up to pounds 50,000 after it was discovered to contain an historic recipe for the Dr Pepper drink.
All conference registrations were sent directly to me and entered into a ledger book where I kept track of all registration information and receipts manually.