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LUGGAGE. Such things as are carried by a traveller, generally for his personal accommodation; baggage. In England this word is generally used in the same sense that baggage is used in the United States. See Baggage.

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The Left Luggage Room would not serve alcopops or drinks promotions and there will be no television, music or gambling machines, keeping in line with the micropub atmosphere.
Hundreds of commuters were stranded with no information, apart from automatic Tannoy announcements that services were suspended due to a train failure near Wavertree log-jamming everything (in between the usual repeated Tannoy threats to passengers who have left luggage unattended, misparked cars or are skateboarding).
Left Luggage facilities are not available at Cardiff Central Station for security reasons.
com and collect it from the left luggage counter at the station.
Mark Nicholls, customer services manager for CV One, which manages Coventry city centre, said: "There is no planned replacement because Pool Meadow is a viable alternative as it offers better facilities such as lighting, left luggage lockers, toilets and shops.
The French Interior Ministry said two small flasks containing traces of the poison were discovered in a left luggage depot at the Gare de Lyon which serves the south of France.
THE immaculate Isabella Rossellini, always a good reason for two hours of video viewing, stars in the moving Left Luggage, out now on tape.
He lost his suitcase after using the hi-tec left luggage facility at Glasgow Central Station last year.
But, despite the row, the business partners think far more people, particularly beer-lovers like themselves, will welcome their new micropub The Left Luggage Room in Monkseaton Metro Station in Whitley Bay And they are set to find a readymade market for their selection of brews with the Metro system delivering thousands of people to their doorstep.
AN anti-fascist protester who hurled eggs and coins at neo-Nazis hiding in Lime Street Station's left luggage room has appeared in court.
Andrew Findlay has submitted a planning application to open the business in the former parcel and left luggage room at Monkseaton Metro Station, on Norham Road in Whitley Bay.
The Left Luggage Framework looks to identify a commercial partner whome we can develop and deliver left luggage and parcel delivery services for a period of 3 years with an option to extend for a further year.