legal capacity

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Council officials and police had warned that the man might commit an offence because she was unlikely to have the legal capacity to agree to sex and marriage, but still they tied the knot 18 months ago, the report added.
The budget prognosis stipulates an improvement in the legislation quality, strengthening the legal capacity of the Parliament administration, and the establishment of an Advisory Council on legislation.
Stand By Your Man is, of course, Brian's new dating show which, in order to prevent anyone in a legal capacity mistaking it for Take Me Out, has 40 single women instead of 30.
The new law states that the company will be an independent corporate entity of financial and administrative independence and full legal capacity for undertaking its activities.
I'm also a bit sceptical about the provisions, such as the certification of aACAygood moral character' and legal capacity for marriage, which not only burdens otherwise good relationships between local women and foreigners with more documentation but also adds to the headache of the embassies and consulates of other countries who must now provide these documents for couples.
The objective is to improve access to justice and legal aid for the poor and vulnerable, develop legal capacity of justice sector professionals and strengthen selected rule of law institutions to better fulfil their mandates.
The 10,200 s/f garage has a legal capacity for 24 cars and an overall capacity for [+ or -] 65 cars.
The legal capacity to exercise rights is regulated in such a way that the absence of the mental capacity or its existence to a lesser extent does not affect the interests of the person participating in the legal life.
Put simply, an EPOA is a particular type of power of attorney (POA) which is effective when a person lacks legal capacity.
An Interior Ministry statement cited today that the two sides discussed the government steps in securing the different regions of the country and the liberalization of areas occupied by (IS) as well as Germany support to Iraq in the fields of police training and raising the level of legal capacity for the security men in order to establish security and order.
Figures estimate that at any one time, some 100,000 adults in Scotland have a significant impairment to their legal capacity to make decisions, and a Power of Attorney will help them and their family, friends or carers in such situations.
Goodsir Coaches in Holyhead has been given a written warning by Anglesey Council and may face a financial penalty after exceeding the legal capacity of one of its vehicles.