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The last legal criteria are the distance between the home of each parent and formative-educative unit where the minor learns a specific type of skills and/or knowledge school.
The 1933 Montevideo Convention set out the legal criteria for establishing a state: a permanent population, territory defined by permanent borders, effective government and ability to manage its own affairs.
Citing an article of the Political Parties Law, a statement endorsing the Umma (nation) Party said founders should submit a formal application within a six-month period after all legal criteria had been met, "otherwise, the approval would be revoked.
In addition, an opinion phrased in terms of inadequately explored legal criteria where there was not a sufficient foundation to show expertise in determining the legal effect of the facts could be excluded.
Yet, in a 73-page report, Leslie Blohm QC found that their testimony did not meet the legal criteria for registering the land as a village green - as he said it did not show they had used the parkland "as of right", without the permission of the landowner, for more than 20 years.
He wrote to Clinton: " WikiLeaks appears to meet the legal criteria of a US- designated terrorist organisationC* WikiLeaks presents a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States.
Odgren's mental illness met the legal criteria of preventing him from knowing that his actions were wrong or from conforming his behavior to the law.
Reminding Washington's hostile policies on Iran, Khosravi noted, "International relations would become coherent and orderly only when they are ruled by legal criteria, and this is while the United States is still pursuing its devilish and colonialist goals through adopting double-standard policies on Iran and it is still trying to strike a blow at Iran's independence.
government official was reported to have said North Korea appears to have met the legal criteria to be taken off the list although its removal depends on progress on denuclearization agreements.
GAO did not attempt to determine whether the firms meet the legal criteria specified in ISA as amended by CISADA, or whether sales were conducted on or after July 1, 2010--the date of enactment of CISADA.
Neither a fancy job title nor a generous salary alone will meet the legal criteria.
The director of Birmingham Women's Hospital's assisted conception unit said IVF using the sperm of a dead partner was still very rare, and only performed when a specific set of legal criteria had been met.