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Age of Majority

The age at which a person, formerly a minor or an infant, is recognized by law to be an adult, capable of managing his or her own affairs and responsible for any legal obligations created by his or her actions.

A person who has reached the age of majority is bound by any contracts, deeds, or legal relationships, such as marriage, which he or she undertakes. In most states the age of majority is eighteen, but it may vary depending upon the nature of the activity in which the person is engaged. In the same state the age of majority for driving may be sixteen while that for drinking alcoholic beverages is twenty-one.

Another name for the age of majority is legal age.

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age of majority

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National authorities could also insist that the spouse must be above a certain age, with the maximum allowable minimum being the age of legal majority in the host Member State.
Credit is available subject to legal majority and to status and conditions.
The court need not monitor the guardian or estate administrator, and any benefits not used for medical expenses will accrue and be distributed to the claimant upon reaching legal majority.
Her book's title sets forth its major premise: Parents will continue to offer financial and other forms of support even after their offspring reach their legal majority.
Traditionally, victims had to file charges soon after they reached legal majority.
To have been effective, a disclaimer should have been filed within nine months of each child's twenty-first birthday (if that was legal majority age).
The "session was held after the completion of the legal majority, with the attendance of 219 out of the Parliament's 325 members," the source added.