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We would not be the universal voice of the legal marketing community if we did not listen to our members and support an evolving industry with best-in-class education and opportunities.
com)-- Tampa Bay legal marketing professionals will hear about a re-imagined sales process at the local Legal Marketing Association's July meeting, sponsored by Pinstripe Marketing.
Courting Your Clients: The Essential Guide to Legal Marketing
Viewed as the premier awards for legal marketing, the ceremony was hosted by Frances Edmonds at London's Grosvenor House Hotel.
com, a Web portal that provided a guide to marketing legal services, will be integrated into Findlaw's Legal Marketing Center (LMC; marketing.
LMA identified artificial intelligence (AI) as "The Next Big Thing" in legal marketing for 2017, and we have an array of resources available on this hot topic.
Margaret Grisdela is a legal marketing consultant and is the president of Legal Expert connections, Inc.
Some of the key changes occurring in the legal marketing industry were surfaced through this year's survey jointly conducted by LMA and Bloomberg Law, "Aligning Legal Marketing and Business Development Resources for Law Firm Growth.
com)-- Jennifer Bergman, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Klemchuk Kubasta LLP (KK LLP), a leading intellectual property (IP) law firm, has been selected to sit on a panel for the Legal Marketing Association's (LMA) Dallas City Group November luncheon.