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The result had oozed forth gradually, like the discovery that your neighbor has set up an unpleasant kind of manufacture which will be permanently under your nostrils without legal remedy.
Bhagat's immediate reply was to point out that not everything can have a legal remedy.
American Home Mortgage Servicing was dismissed as a party to this case except to the extent necessary to provide borrowers with an adequate legal remedy
Kenji Utsunomiya, president of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, met with Foreign Minister Takeaki Matsumoto and requested Tokyo soon establish such a legal remedy.
While it claims that teachers are being stigmatized, it would be a real stretch to argue that any stigmatization that teachers suffered because their students were not learning constituted an injury that required a legal remedy.
It's important that citizens have the right to pursue legal remedy against government agencies, but COST's lawsuit became pointless after the 14-mile busway was already under construction.
otolaryngologist who is seeking legal remedy for certain alleged health plan abuses.
Injunctive relief" will still be available as a legal remedy.
The United States' legal remedy would then be to seek resolution of the dispute at the World Trade Organization, where multilateral attempts to use trade measures for environmental issues are viewed more positively than purely unilateral action.
AFS supports the business community's decision in pursuing a legal remedy since the final published standard is significantly different from OSHA's proposal and has done little to eliminate original concerns.
This action effectively ends ASAE's six-year pursuit of a legal remedy to this tax.
as the French see it, every lapse must now have a legal remedy, and the millennium will have arrived only when all social existence has become litigable, and everything wronged--from vegetables to women--has a way to find vindication in a court of law.

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