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Doull said: "It's just a legal technicality where somebody has to stand up in the court and say 'yes they've paid the bill.
US Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff gave the assurance to EU Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini in a phone call on Tuesday as Washington and Brussels seek a deal to replace a counter-terrorism agreement invalidated on a legal technicality by the European Court of Justice.
Keith Hull (otherwise known as Stephanie Lloyd) advised the meeting that by a legal technicality he was the club's first full female member.
It may be that through some legal technicality the letters belong to Hewitt.
A recent Supreme Court ruling in an unrelated case invalidated five of the felony convictions because of a legal technicality related to the way juries consider false statements.
Last March, the FDA banned sulfite use on fresh potatoes, but soon thereafter the National Coalition of Fresh Potato Processors and several other potato companies succeeded in overthrowing the ban on a legal technicality.
But even setting aside whatever legal technicality he used, it was heartless and reeks of political maneuvering to cover for President Duterte.
As part of the "South Urban Cable" operation, the client wished in support of its legal department, enlist a professional consultancy in the field of public procurement for particularly sensitive or high records legal technicality and for tasks of representation in court.
AN RSPCA trial involving alleged suffering to dogs is at risk of collapse because of a legal technicality.
The duke's Northumberland Estates is ready to re-submit exactly the same pounds 30m development scheme that was thrown out on a legal technicality by a High Court judge in March.
She identified a legal technicality which meant people had been using the common 'by right' under the West Midlands County Council Act rather than 'as of right', as is required to make it a village green.