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With such commitment, P24's legal unit is ready to provide all forms of legal assistance to the editors of Nokta and all other colleagues who are subjected to similar violations of rights," a part of P24's statement read.
RAMALLAH, August 18, 2015 (WAFA) Head of the legal unit in the Palestinian Prisoners Club (PPC) Jawad Boulos, Monday said Palestinian detainee Mohammed Allan, who has been hunger striking for over two months to protest his illegal detention, has woken up froma drug-induced coma and resumed his hunger strike.
Fatma Serag, Director of the Legal Unit at the Association of Freedom of Thought and Expression, previously told Daily News Egypt that she believes being found or charged with contempt of religion is not related to who rules the country.
Given the new international context and the oPt s recognition as a State, it is essential to support the establishment of an international legal unit within the MoFA staffed with legal advisors whose main function will be to provide legal advice and analysis on International Law.
While in law school, he spent a summer in Kosovo working for the legal unit of the International Civilian Office, a joint United States-European Union organization that oversaw Kosovo's democratic development.
Over the past years, the lawyers at PCHR's Legal Unit followed up the case until the Court decided on 15 February 2010 to dismiss the proceedings.
MC) has announced that it has hired a head for its newly-created business legal unit.
Mohammad Al Alami, from the legal unit of the centre, said: "Even during times of war, there are things are not acceptable under any circumstances such as killing harmless civilians; especially women and children.
Dominique Tohme, head of the legal unit at UNHCR in Beirut said: "There is no justification to keep them in detention.
Legal unit Training unit Information unit Unit for monitoring election campaign Unit for establishment of regional and local vote counting offices.
The young director works in the Central Bank of Bahrain's legal unit and uses his day job to finance his dream.
In a reply to detailed Izindaba questions, Boikanyo revealed that it was the Department of Health's legal unit that made the contested changes to ensure that anyone who provided indemnity cover to health care practitioners was 'themselves regulated by the laws of the Republic'.