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The persons commissioned by one government to exercise diplomatic functions at the court of another, including the minister, secretaries, attachés, and interpreters, are collectively called the legation of their government. The word also denotes the official residence of a foreign minister.

See: delegation, deputation, embassy, mission

LEGATION. An embassy; a mission.
     2. All persons attached to a foreign legation, lawfully acknowledged by the government of this country, whether they are ambassadors, envoys, ministers, or attaches, are protected by the act of April 30, 1790, 1 Story's L. U. S. 83, from violence, arrest or molestation. 1 Dall. 117; 1 W. C. C. R. 232; 11 Wheat. 467; 2 W. C. C. Rep. 435; 4 W. C. C. R. 531; 1 Miles, 366; 1 N & M. 217; 1 Bald. 240; Wheat. Int. Law, 167. Vide Ambassador; Envoy; Minister.

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The US Customs Bureau suspected the Iranian diplomat had brought in such huge quantities for profit rather than for use in the legation.
In Kabul in the 1920s, following Britain's third military assault on Afghanistan, a classical legation house was built, designed by Basil Sullivan, which Lord Curzon, Foreign Secretary, was determined to make the best such house in Asia.
A natural departure point of a discussion of the reception of customary international law is the Supreme Court's decision in Re Foreign Legations (22) In this case, the Court considered the power of Ontario municipal corporations to levy taxes for municipal purposes against buildings housing legations owned by several foreign states in the national capital region.
Rivera Recio postulated that the first legation of the Cardinal took place <<with the double mission of shoring up the peace [between the kingdoms] and dissolving the marriage of the king of Leon>> (9).
embassy, Berlin, with additional duty at the American legations in Madrid, Rome, Stockholm, and Vichy, France.
Mansour rejected Syrian ambassadorial legation in Lebanon in order not to antagonize Assad's regime.
Worryingly, the increase in new cases of land invasions and other forms of theft of property" show "the deteriorating condition of the rule of law in Nicaragua", reads a statement from the American legation.
In the Legation Quarter are 473 civilians, 409 soldiers, and 3,000
Last night NatWest denied the allationship legation, claiming it has asked the couple to provide up to date financial information and accounts before making a final decision about the overdraft.