Legislative power

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LEGISLATIVE POWER. The authority under the constitution to make laws and to alter or repeal them.

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The three legislative powers in Bahrain are very co-operative, HRH the Premier affirmed paying tribute to the national Press for its support as a fourth power.
Although the council now holds full legislative power it will not be handed over once the House of Representatives is elected.
Co-operation between executive, legislative powers is the ideal way to preserve the nation's achievements and build on them, he stressed.
MPs have set boundaries for the scope of legislative power they wanted to release to AMs in another elected body.
But the "conservative' Burger Court has demonstrated little restraint in decisions restricting the legislative power of Congress and enlarging the authority of the executive.
Jurist Kais Said reckoned for his part that the new constitution should provide for general principles relating mainly to rights and liberties, powers and state administrative organisation and leave other issues for ordinary legislative power.
They want to see the FNC expanded with more members and more legislative power for the council.
Meanwhile, the Shura Council Chairman hailed the government's keen interest to boost cooperation with the legislative power, stressing that the new National Assembly premises project is an embodiment of this cooperation.
The No campaign has a couple of arguments; firstly that we need to keep the scrutiny of legislation by the UK Parliament, but this is not what currently happens, laws are not scrutinised by Parliament only whether legislative power in a defined area should be granted to the Assembly.
The government and the legislative power are and will remain in constant harmony as they have a common goal - serving citizens through constructive co-operation, the Premier stressed yesterday as he received at Gudaibiya Palace senior officials, Shura Council chairman Ali Saleh Al Saleh, parliament chairman Khalifa Al Dhahrani, ministers, council members and mps.
On his part, MP Bumjid commended the minister's strenuous efforts to cater to citizens' needs and promote cooperation with the legislative power.
Mr Bukamal expressed confidence in the positive role that could be played in this regard by the legislative power.

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