Letters Patent

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Letters Patent

An instrument issued by a government that conveys a right or title to a private individual or organization, including conveyances of land and inventions.

Although Article I, Section 8, Clause 8, of the U.S. Constitution confers upon Congress the power to secure to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries, this constitutional clause is not self-executing. Rather, formal application for letters patent must first be made in the manner prescribed by statute (35 U.S.C.) and regulations (37 C.F.R.) promulgated pursuant thereto.

LETTERS PATENT. The name of an instrument granted by the government to convey a right to the patentee; as, a patent for a tract of land; or to secure to him a right which he already possesses, as a patent for a new invention or discovery; Letters patent are a matter of record. They are so called because they are not sealed up, but are granted open. Vide Patent.

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If one group can rely on a Royal Charter or Letters Patent to stand on their rights, so too should another group as the Royal Proclamation of 1763 is akin to a Royal Charter and likewise to the Hudson Bay Charter, The Royal Proclamation was also issued under Letters Patent.
For Ngarrindjeri, the broken promise of the Letters Patent is a 'burning issue' (Trevorrow et al 2010, p.
Letters Patent are simply a way that the Sovereign signifies making an alteration that doesn't go through Parliament.
Lee Godden explores the effect of the proviso in the Letters Patent on the legal relationship between the Imperial British Sovereign and Aboriginal people in the actual occupation or enjoyment of their lives in South Australia.
William Cecil's role in vetting applications for letters patent is the vehicle for following exploration, economic development, metallurgical, alchemical, and other projects, in which London was central in bringing together sources of capital, management, skilled labor, and the technical expertise of practitioners.
The suit charges Avasoft with patent infringement for "directly infringed, contributory infringed and/or induced the infringement of said Letters Patent No.
The first document is, quite properly, an extract from Edward VTs Letters Patent issued to exclude Mary and hand over the Crown to Lady Jane Grey.
The trial judge gave us a declaration that there was never any surrender and that the letters patent were invalid.
The term patent itself is of English origin and is derived from letters patent, which were documents that conferred some royal privilege upon the recipient, often a monopoly market.
The company was known as The Lord Chamberlain's Men until the accession of James I in March 1603, when, by letters patent, it was taken under royal patronage and henceforth known as the King's Men.
Although the first book was printed in France in 1470, Armstrong confines this study to the 106 privileges in the form of letters patent issued by the royal chancery; the 112 privileges issued by courts, almost all of these by the Parlement of Paris; and the 70 privileges issued by various royal officials, most of these by the prevot of Paris.